Rural 60 Plus

You Are Never Too Old To Have Fun!

5 Pineview Road
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario P7K 0G8
Phone: (807) 475-5779

About Us

Rural 60 Plus was organized by a group of 10 rural seniors in 1982, renting space in the former Pineview School just east of Kakabeka Falls.  The organization went on to bid for, and successfully purchase, the 3-room school in 1987, renovating and expanding it over the years to better suit the activities of the growing membership.

Mission Statement: 

The mission of Rural 60 Plus is to support the independence of older adults, enhance their dignity and self-respect, and promote their participation in all aspects of community life.

The seniors’ center is managed by an elected 10-member board of directors who meet once a month, normally on the first Friday of the month, at 9:30 a.m.  These meetings are open to the public.

The Board for 2019/2020:     

  • Lloyd Hanton, President
  • Bob MacMaster, Vice-president
  • Lucy Kloosterhuis, Treasurer
  • Susan Hanton, Secretary
  • Sharon Beerthuizen
  • Sharon Corrigan
  • Merle Graham
  • Tina Guzzell
  • Gary MacDonald
  • Carol Nesbitt
Founding Members:

  • Steve Dudzinski
  • Phyl Dudzinski
  • Don Johnson
  • Lillian Morrow
  • Betty Pogue
  • Alice Sandberg
  • Bert Sitch
  • Laura Sitch
  • Alf Winslow
  • Irene Winslow

We also have a number of volunteer coordinators who oversee the various activities at the centre.  For 2019/2020, these coordinators are:

  • Card convener – Pru Reed
  • Choir – open
  • Craft Shop and Carving – Sharon Beerthuizen and Merle Graham
  • Cribbage – Susan and Lloyd Hanton
  • Disking – open
  • Loom Room – Tina Guzzell
  • Newsletter – Monique Duval-Lavallee
  • Painting class – open
  • Public Relations – Annette O’Brien
  • Quilting – Sharon Corrigan
  • Quilting machine – Diane Buchan
  • Yoga – Sharon Hagstrom
  • Board liaison for newsletter and public relations – Lloyd Hanton