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☀️ JUNE Calendar & News 🎣

Posted on June 7, 2023

Hi Everyone,

Here is your June Newsletter and Calendar.

Now you must admit we’ve had some really terrific early summer weather lately so get out and enjoy it! Just be wise and use some a good quality sun block.

And don’t forget your bug repellent!!

Lastly, TICKS! This year seems another very active year for ticks so if you are out and about in enjoying nature, please remember to cover bare skin if you can and when coming back indoors, give yourself a good look over. And please do the same for your pets if they get outside.

If you have pets that go outdoors, contact your vet for how to best to protect them. If you have questions about ticks and protecting yourself, don’t hesitate to contact our Thunder Bay District Health Unit by calling 1-807-625-5900 or click on this link:

Thunder Bay District Health Unit Tick Info

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June 2023 Newsletter PDF
June 2023 Calendar PDF

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