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Posted on April 8, 2020

If you need to do a bit more groceries shopping then a couple of things at your corner store, you might consider a trip to the following Thunder Bay main groceries outlets. Not all outlets have been personally checked so don’t hesitate to call a store of your choice and check what they are doing.

All are offering Seniors hours (typically first open hour); controlled entrance to the store with physical distancing both outside and inside store; sanitized shopping carts and baskets; hand-sanitizer; one-way grocery isles; sanitized groceries check-outs including debit machines and plastic barriers between you and the cashier and in the case of Safeway on Arthur Street, announcements every 10 minutes or so reminding employees to wash/sanitize their hands.

Remember that if you bring your own bags, you have to pack them yourself so you might want to consider letting the cashiers use the store plastic bags for these trips until things get back to normal.

Do not be embarrassed to wear a protective mask and gloves – its very okay!!!

Safeway Arthur Street
Metro Arthur Street

Any other ones you want to recommend, drop us an email and we will post them.

Stay well!

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