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Posted on March 6, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Unless you have been living in a vacuum, you are very aware of and have some knowledge about an infection called the Noval Coronavirus or Coronavirus 2019 or Corvid-19 …. they are all the same nasty bug that is making an awful lot of folks ill, some very ill, some dying, all over the world.

Not only is it an easy infection to catch but the virus hits harder, substantially harder, the older you are! The harmful effects rise rapidly in severity in we seniors beginning around 60+ and becomes most severe in those 80+. Yep, the very age range of our membership!

The Board is requesting, until further notice, that all members and their friends who have travelled outside of Canada, including the USA, since the beginning of the year and who are just now returning as of early March, to please, not visit the Centre for a period of two weeks after their return. Also, any member or their friends who are experiencing recent coughing or sneezing episodes or have mild flu-like symptoms not visit the Centre until their condition has passed. Of course, members dealing with chronic conditions and not recent ones, please use your best judgement during these times.

For current and factual information on the virus and in our Thunder Bay region, here is the Public Health Unit phone number 625-5900 or click on their website link:

Thunder Bay District Health Unit Coronavirus Information

Thank you for helping!