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Hi Everyone!

Below are some links to websites that we think you will find interesting and fun. Just click on a link in the list and it will take you to that site.

You’ll find easy to play games, puzzles and cards or have a virtual visit to interesting places like museums, art galleries, nature trail and gardens – all from the comfort of home!

Some sites may invite you to register (typically your name & email address) for a more “in depth” experience. The sites may want to email you newsletters or promotions. The decision to join or receive emails is entirely up to you!

Also know that you may see advertisements that may start before you can play or pop up from time to time on a website. Yes, they can be annoying but this is how many websites make their money. Most ads have a little “x” or “skip ads” button that if you click on it, the ad will close. Sometimes you have to wait a some seconds for the ad to disappear on its own.

Some sites will give you play options. Like the Jigsaw Puzzle site which has several features such as making puzzles easier or harder. You can even use one of your own pictures to make a puzzle!

At the bottom of the list, we’ve included a link to the Ontario Government’s Seniors and Be Consumer Wise! information websites that you might find informative and helpful!

Remember, to enjoy the basic offerings of these website, you do not have to register with the site, create an account, give out your email address, pay a fee or buy anything. When in doubt don’t click!!

If you have questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to drop a note to the Centre,

Explore and enjoy!

Just click on a link below and you are on your way!

Joy Of Museums – Home Site

Royal Ontario Museum

Virtual Nature Tours

Chess & Other Board Game Fun

FREE Online Jigsaw Puzzles

PUZZLE MADNESS – Fun Word & Number & Colour Puzzles

CARD GAMES – Cribbage, Solitaire, Hearts & Many More!

Easy Online Crossword Puzzles

Readers Digest CANADA Crossword Puzzles

WORDLE – the Word Game


Riddles for Everyone!

FREE! University Courses

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Thunder Bay Royal Astronomical Society Centre

Your Digital Library Service

Ontario Government SENIORS INFO SITE

Ontario Government – “BE CONSUMER WISE!”