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Loom Room News!!

Posted on February 8, 2020

If you are a member of Rural 60 Plus and a weaver, but don’t have the right size of loom for your project, you can now rent one of our looms at $15.00 per project at the Center.

We have available Table, 36″, 45″ and a 60″, 4@ shaft looms and two 45″ 8@ shafts looms.

Any of our looms can be rented. In the event the loom that you need is occupied, we will put your name on a “first come – first serve” list and call you when it becomes available.

Please note the REQUIREMENTS:
1. You are a current paid member of Rural 60 Plus.
2. You provide your own supplies.
3. You sign the current Rural 60 Plus ‘Waiver of Liability’.

If you are interested, please contact the Center at (807) 475-5779 or email “”.
You can also call Tina, Weaving Coordinator, at (807) 624-7580 or email “”

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