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Posted on June 27, 2020

Hi Everyone,

The Centre is being inspected every 3 days and all is well. Your Board even managed a “virtual meeting” using the Internet!

There has been some GST/HST tax refunds recently received so while its quiet at the Centre, some property improvements are going to be done both inside and outside. We’ll give you details and progress reports in the next Newsletter.

As you are probably aware, things are slowly improving as to Covid-19 but unfortunately gatherings are still a no-no. Even the ‘up to 10 people’ still means those 10 folks have to stay in their group “bubble”. It means the group members cannot be getting together with other folks in other groups.

Here’s a link to a CBC “Your Covid Questions Answered” that covers the meeting restrictions and talks about playing cards, among many interesting things.

CBC Health – Covid Questions Answered

Remember, if you have questions or comments just drop an email to or phone and leave a message at 475-5779.

Stay well!